What is an Activator?

The Activator Method

The activator method of chiropractic adjustment is a treatment method that serves as an alternative to manual manipulation of the spine and body’s joints. The method itself employs the use of a device that applies a mechanical force. The method, along with the device, are considered to be a gentle chiropractic technique.  The device itself is small and spring-loaded, easily held in the hand. It serves to deliver an impulse into the spine or whatever joint is being targeted. The aim is to be able to either move the vertebrae or the joints enough, in a direct gentle way, without causing injury. Activator Method Tool Chiropractic Clinic Colorado Active Health PLLC

Who Uses the Activator?

Nearly seventy percent of American Chiropractors have employed the use of the activator method for gentle chiropractic adjustment. Nearly twenty-four percent of patients receiving chiropractic treatment have undergone the activator method. For the total health chiropractic recipient, this method is effective and can come with positive results for the patient. In fact, there have been a number of studies conducted on the efficacy of the activator method. Case reports, clinical studies, and randomized controlled experimental trials have been conducted. Some results are still inconclusive, while other studies suggest that the activator method may be just as effective as a chiropractor’s manual adjustment when treating back and neck pain. Dr. Hamilton D.C. utilizes the activator method at his Chiropractic clinic in Aurora Colorado, when appropriate, to ensure his patients receive the best care possible.

Pelvic Deficiency

The activator method concept is based on the idea of “pelvic deficiency”. This translates into “functional short leg” deficiencies. During treatment with the activator method chiropractic technique, a patient lies prone and functional leg lengths are compared. One leg is often shorter than the other. Once this is examined, and the leg length difference determined, the chiropractic specialist then conducts several tests on muscles, including having patients move their arms in certain positions. This serves to stimulate the muscles attached to the vertebrae. This makes sense to do, considering if leg lengths are dissimilar, this is likely a problem with the vertebrae, or at least an issue located at the vertebrae. The chiropractic specialist then treats the patient, moving upwards along the spine, from feet to head.  When you receive your treatment, ask Dr. Hamilton if this method is right for you, you may find the gentle activator method to be the best thing to happen to your next chiropractic adjustment.

Gentle Treatments

The activator method is proposed to allow the chiropractic doctor the ability to identify subluxations, or dislocations, along the vertebrae and joints. The idea is to provide gentle adjustments to the body, which should allow a patient to experience little to no discomfort, pain relief, and better health.  As with any force applied to the body, especially as during chiropractic adjustment, the muscles in the body area where force has been applied are stimulated, and therefore contract reflexively; this is to protect that area of the body from intrusion by a foreign object. The activator instrument serves as a module through which a thrust that is quicker than the body’s reflex is delivered to muscle groups. The muscles and joints then respond to this speed. Therefore, the force that is necessary to adjust the joint is programmed by the activator instrument’s speed. The end result is that the activator instrument is effective, yet gentle.  We are happy you have chosen to become more informed, we hope to serve you soon!



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