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Anisomelia is a condition, also known as Short Leg Syndrome, whereby one leg isAnisomelia-Colorado-Chiropractor-Aurora shorter than the other, resulting in a limping gait, and chronic lower back pain. There have been theories which link this condition with problems with the lower back, but these have been difficult to prove. However, the condition is said to occur if there is a difference of over 1cm, and if it results in a Lumbar Scoliosis, especially when standing straight, it should be adjusted.

A chiropractor will recommend a radiological measurement of your legs, so they can determine the cause of your anisomelia. If the condition is caused by a physical shortening of the leg, then you may need to wear shoes with a higher sole, so as to address the difference in length.  However, if it is due to some spinal deformation, then there are treatments that the specialist can put you through in order to adjust the spine.

Chiropractic Treatment of Anisomelia

As mentioned earlier, a structurally short leg is treated through the wearing of lifted heels, but a functional short leg, is treated through chiropractic manipulation of the spine. First, the patient must be weighed twice, one leg on one scale, one leg on another scale.  It will be found that there is more weight, when measurements are taking when standing on the shorter leg. This is because the patient has to lean more on it, in order to make up for the inequality in gait and posture.

 The first treatment is called Chiropractic Side Posture Lumbar Adjustment. The patient is asked to lie down, on one side, with the shorter leg on the upper side, and a Lumbar Roll is performed to adjust the pelvis. After this the patient lies face down, and measurements are taken. When the patent is through with the session, he or she will have a more equal balance in weight, proving that correction has started to take effect.

Another method of preferred treatment is the Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression treatment. This is a treatment where the patient may feel “pulled apart”, and it helps in widening the canal space, consequently dropping the intradiscal pressure thereby allowing the height of the disc to increase. This treatment relives any pain that may be caused by the shorter leg, and rectifies the problem eventually.

Managing Anisomelia at home in-between treatments

As with all Chiropractic procedures, you have to go for several sessions, and you haveAnisomelia-Colorado-Chiropractor-Aurora I to find a way to manage the condition when you are at home. In the case of Anisomelia, there are certain practices you should adopt until the condition is fully rectified. You should avoid sitting up for long periods. This will help reduce the pressure on the spinal discs. You should also take nutritional supplements which will help in rebuilding disc cartilage. The chiropractor will recommend shoe inserts to address the difference in height after every treatment, until you are cured. You should do exercises which help in straightening your spine, as suggested by the specialist. Use ergonomically designed chairs, and sleep on a supportive mattress. This should help you achieve recovery much faster, and without a lot of pain.

Dr. Hamilton D.C. is an experienced chiropractor, operating his practice in Aurora, Colorado. Anisomelia is a condition that may affect your self-confidence when walking in the presence of others, and may also cause you a lot of pain. You need to consider getting chiropractic help, in order to address the condition. On the Eastside of the Denver Metro, you will find his clinic easily with plenty of off-street private parking.


Sources Available on the downloadable PDF attached.

Published February 19, 2015

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