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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Asthma Alleviated

Asthma is a chronic disease affecting the airways of the lungs, causing them to get inflamed and swollen, thereby narrowing the airways, and making it hard for the patient to breathe. The condition manifests as fits of coughing, shortness of breath, a tight chest, and the patient will produce a whistling sound called wheezing. Although the disease can start at any age, and may be attributed to a wide range of factors, it commonly occursChiropractor Adjustment  for Asthma Aurora Colorado during childhood, and can last throughout life, or it can subside as the person grows older. Sadly, the largest proportion of asthma patients are children.

Treatments - Chiropractic

Osteopathic research has shown that there is a correlation between abnormal spine mechanics and asthma. This is where chiropractic care comes in; using Spinal Manipulation Techniques (SMTs), the patients get better lung function from as little as 15 sessions with the chiropractor. It has been shown that subluxations in the neck vertebrae are associated with how the muscles of the neck spasm, and this affects the normal flow of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a crucial component of the immune system, since it drains away toxins removed from the body. If it is not working properly, then it is possible for someone to get an asthmatic attack. Chiropractic manipulation helps in relaxing the neck muscles, thereby improving the flow of the lymph system. Secondly, the manipulation also relieves the subluxation, further enhancing the effectiveness of the lymph system.

Another way in which chiropractic care helps alleviate asthma, is through the improvement of the biomechanics of the chest cavity. The ribcage will benefit from the manipulation, and this helps the chest cavity to expand properly. The tightness of the chest experienced by asthma patients will be reduced due to this improvement on the function of the chest cavity.

Treatments - Acupuncture

For centuries, acupuncture has been used to treat a wide variety of medicalAcupuncture for Asthma Aurora Colorado conditions, and the treatment is based on allowing the flow of the body’s energy to open up. Acupuncturists say that certain medical conditions are brought about by the blocking of these paths, also called Meridians. The placement of needles along the meridians allows the energy to flow better thereby remedying the condition. In the case of asthma, there are various points that can be used; these are located on the Stomach, Bladder, Lung and Kidney. The most important of these are the lung acupuncture points, because these are the primary breathing organ. Acupuncturists say that this is the organ where the external Qi (chi), and the Internal Qi (chi) meet, and this is where they concentrate first. Many other techniques may be used for a holistic approach to treating asthma and must be tailored to the individual patients needs.

In Summary

Both Chiropractic care and acupuncture may not be primary approaches to managing asthma, which happens to be incurable, but they have been found to make the attacks recede; the frequency of the attacks lower and the intensity, when they do occur, is mild.  Asthma is a condition which severely affects the lives of those afflicted, making them to almost pathologically watch what they eat, and the environment they are in, but with the appropriate defenses fortified, the condition and symptoms may be lessened considerably.

Dr. Hamilton D.C., a qualified chiropractor and professional acupuncturist from Aurora, Colorado, and he can help asthma sufferers to live a happier, healthier life. Seek chiropractic and acupuncture help from Dr. Hamilton at his clinic on the eastside of the Denver Metro.  If you are suffering from Asthma, call our office, we want to help!


Sources Available on the downloadable PDF attached.

Published February 19, 2015

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