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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Broken Rib Cage—How Chiropractic Adjustment can Help

Rib pain is typically associated with a sharp pain that is felt during inhalation. Of course, this pain causes alarm, with many finding themselves in the ER of a hospital. Rib pain can also be the resulting symptom to a number of issues. These issues include inflammation of the rib cage, a disc herniation, awkward sleeping positions, or a broken rib.  There are a number of “Medical” ways to treat these issues, including NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), rib joint injections (cortico-steroids), and other temporary treatments. Rib Alignment - Colorado Active Health Chiropractic PLLC Aurora CO

Chiropractors typically see patients with rib pain, such as those caused by a broken rib, hunching over, their shoulders sloped inward. Rib cage pain typically responds within 2-5 chiropractic treatments, making this a viable and prefered treatment option.  An examination at Colorado Active Health Chiropractic Clinic in Aurora CO primarily helps to identify trouble spots and ensures they are attended to in a direct way.  We also seek to ensure that there are no serious medical problems underlying the rib pain that can be quickly identified.  The joints and muscles are further examined to determine general health and mobility. The individual ribs are assessed for proper movement.

What is being done during treatment is restoration of the healthy movement of ribs, and the reduction of pain and any associated spasms that may occur. Of course, if one or more rib bones appear to be broken, this is assessed by the chiropractor and further treatment steps are taken, x-rays may be requested, and so forth.

If a broken rib has received proper rest and ice therapy post-injury, a chiropractor can work to provide adjustments. These adjustments are typically made around the injured rib.Chiropractic Clinic Aurora Colorado Rib pain associated with a broken rib can be caused by dislocations. Chiropractic treatment, therefore, involves realigning the body so that the dislocation is adjusted. Low-force, low-impact manual maneuvers are performed. If a rib is separated, a simple manual adjustment can “pop” it back into place. If the injury is more severe, the chiropractor will spend time feeling their way around the body, learning what causes the patient specific pain, and what joints or muscles feel out of place or tense. Using this information, Dr. Hamilton performs a series of adjustments, spanning several treatment sessions.

If a chiropractor deems it warranted, a patient may receive mechanical force delivered by a manually-assisted short-lever adjustment. Sustained care of this sort over several weeks can result in the complete resolution of a patient’s pain issues. Of course, recovery may have to be maintained over the course of several months, as needed and recommended by a chiropractor.

This all allows the body to heal itself effectively, without the need for intense therapy, long-term medication, or temporary treatments. This is a different approach than traditional medicinal methods, which rely on pain relievers to reduce pain. Chiropractic adjustments serve to heal the injury, thereby targeting the underlying cause. The methods a chiropractor uses, therefore, are to restore natural mobility, aid in the body’s natural healing process, and reduce the pain associated with injury. With the body properly aligned, and rest and relaxation taken into consideration as part of the healing process, a patient can end their treatment with a much healthier body.  If you need our help, please call our office to schedule a consultation.



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