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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Childhood Ear Infections…and How Chiropractic Treatments Can Help

Are you aware of a child who suffers through ear infections repeatedly? From the age of two years, 66% of children have experienced a minimum of one middle ear infection episode or even acute otitis media (AOM).  OMA is generally a complication of an infection of the upper respiratory tract. During the cold or flu stage of illness, bacteria can get into the ear and lead to swelling and blocking the holes in the ear and preventing drainage.Human-Ear-Diagram-Ear-Infections-Aches-Alleviated-Aurora-CO-Active-Health-Chiropractic Consequently, painful inflammation sets in. Having less drainage is exacerbated by the horizontal orientation of the ear canals of the little one while sleeping.  Chiropractors are concerned about the high incidence of AOM in youth of the community. The nice thing is that parents can help relieve their children’s the pain from ear infections by following the steps below.

Look at Chiropractic Adjustment and Acupuncture

Research shows that chiropractic care may promote ear health. 46 children under age 5 all with ear infections were recruited to participate in a study. 93% of patients recovered inside of ten days with chiropractic attention and 43% improved after just a few visits. Another study looked at five young children with infections of the middle ear chronic and repeated. The children had been under health care for at least six months but had not recovered. All children improved together with five chiropractic visits.


Complete chiropractic care provided by our clinics give great advice as well as natural and holistic precautionary strategies. The absolute pinnacle chiropractic care can offer is complete healing, but sometimes small incremental improvement must suffice.  Dr. Hamilton uses specialized strategies called pediatric chiropractic adjustments to fix vertebral subluxations in young people. These maneuvers help in growth of the spine and are also extremely mild and safe.  Furthermore, studies show that chiropractic adjustments may raise the immune system and will help keep you away from diseases including OMA. Chiropractors also speculate that hindering the ear canal occurs whenever a small muscle in and around the ear (external palati) becomes dysfunctional. This muscle is innervated by nerves coming from the spinal cord in the upper neck. The chiropractic theory is that vertebral subluxations interfere with nerve impulses to muscle and that this interference is removed simply by chiropractic adjustments causing a restored healthy blood flow.  You may also consider acupuncture; ask Dr. Hamilton if that may also be an additional treatment that you might benefit from.

Antibiotics or Adjustment

What is wrong with antibiotics for ear infection? While OMA severe cases must havedrug-resistant-bacteria-avoided-alternative-treatments antibiotics, the indiscriminate use of those drugs creates serious health problems in children worldwide. Most ear infections in children are brought on by pneumococcus or Haemophilus bacteria. Research shows that excessive use of antibiotics has generated "super" strains of these bacteria which have become resistant to drugs.


Dr. Hamilton D.C. in Aurora Colorado can help all your family to focus in your efforts on prevention by adopting health changes and a lifestyle by putting an emphasis on spinal health. This revolutionary approach can effectively get rid of the OMA and other common issues related to children’s health.  Make your child's health important today; make an appointment to get a pediatric chiropractic clinical examination with our office.  Dr. Hamilton's clinic is on the eastside of the Denver Metro in Aurora Colorado, but he serves the entire greater metro area, and has patients that travel great distances for his services, we hope you become one of them.  See you soon, until then, keep fit and have fun.



Please, see the attached Printable and Downloadable .pdf for sources used.

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