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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Computer Posture

Many of us do not have proper posture throughout the day, especially when sitting at a computer. This wreaks havoc on our body, increases our risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, and leads to a sooner death. However, there are proper ways to maintain posture so that our joints, muscles, and bodies in general are not negatively impacted by poor posture.

The computer monitor should be positioned such that it is in line with the height ofProper-computer-posture-ergonomics-Aurora-Colorado your eyes, and tilted only slightly upwards. This ensures that you only have to move your eyes to see the whole screen. Further, this position keeps your hands and wrists in the correct position so that you do not put major strain on your neck and shoulders throughout the day.

To further keep your head and torso in proper alignment, you should sit one and a half feet away from the computer monitor. This ensures that your head and neck, as well as shoulders and chest are positioned correctly in front of the computer position, and that you are not leaning forward, putting strain on those various body regions.

Your elbows should be kept at the sides of your body, and your forearms should remain parallel to the ground. Ensure that your keyboard is positioned such that you can comfortably reach it. This prevents strain on your wrists, which can prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

You should tilt your body forward slightly. You should find you are sitting more on your hamstrings, as opposed to on your tailbone, thus preventing lower back strain. Further, your neck and shoulder muscles will be more relaxed, preventing strain on those muscles as well.

You may use your chair’s backrest for better support, as long as you continue to keep your pelvis tilted forward in your chair. If you lean back into your chair, tilt yourself forward until you are not sitting on your tailbone any longer.

Your feet should be kept flat on the floor. Sitting on one of your legs or sitting cross-legged is ineffective, since you are more prone to sitting in a slouched position when your legs and feet are positioned in that way. If your feet do not touch the floor, try using a footrest, or even a simple box.

In our modern age, there are many new breakthroughs that have enhanced the ergonomics of our daily lives.  Ask your employer for the right equipment, get informed, and stay healthy!  Call for an appointment today!



Please, see the attached Printable and Downloadable .pdf for sources used.

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