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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Cross Fiber Friction Massage

Muscles sometimes get over-stretched, bruised, and overly stimulated by repetitive motion, injury, and bad posture, leading to the development of deep lesions, knots and tension areas, which can have a deep seated ache or pressure sensitivity. The dull acheCross Fiber Friction Massage I can be a constant source of strain to the muscles, and you need to visit a chiropractor for what is known as Cross Fiber Friction Massage Therapy. This is a treatment that was developed by a British Osteopath, called Dr. James Cyriax, and is characterized by massage therapy which goes against the flow of the muscle fibers. It stops the development of fibrosis, and in the case of an injury, it stimulates the growth of flexible scar tissue, which will not inhibit the normal movement of the muscle.

How is Cross Fiber Friction Massage Administered?

The chiropractor will brace a thumb or finger and using it, create non-gliding motion on the skin to treat the injured muscle. In order to make sure that there is no gliding, there is no oil used in this massage therapy. The thumb and fingers of the doctor have to move as one, across the injured muscle, so that the correct stimulation is administered; any gliding will undermine the effectiveness of the treatment. The massage therapy is applied to the exact location of the injury, and is perpendicular to the muscle fibers. The motion must also be wide enough to ensure that the separate fibers get the desired effect. If the injury is acute, the muscle must be let to heal a little first, before this treatment can be applied. It is somewhat painful, and the full consent of the patient must be sought, with the appropriate explanation about the pain, before the treatment can be applied. Some describe a mild burning, a pinching or a pulling that is mildly uncomfortable.  

To start with, the chiropractor has to be gentle, and the treatment will only last for a minute or two. This helps in reducing the initial pain, as the muscle gets used to the massage. After the initial session, the muscle must rest for a day, before any follow-upCross Fiber Friction Massage Aurora Colorado massage is done. This is repeated alternatingly, for a period of about 10 sessions, for the full effect of the therapy to be felt. After each session, the patient must use ice, and other pain-relieving methods, in order to lessen the discomfort felt after the therapy is administered.

Applications of Cross Fiber Friction Massage Therapy

As mentioned before, this is a treatment for muscular injuries, primarily, but it can also be used to treat a variety of muscular ailments. People suffering from tennis elbow, and other muscular pains that result from repeated motion can get relief from this type of massage. It can also be used to prepare a pregnant woman for child delivery. Any deep tissue massage therapy is great for the muscles, and people who are active in sports will

benefit a lot from this therapy; since it helps in enhancing the performance of the muscles, and also the flexibility of motion, going for the treatment may actually reduce the chances of muscle injury from overstretching, and straining, and also stops ligaments and tendons from getting inflamed.

Dr. Hamilton D.C., an industry leading chiropractor from Aurora, Colorado, has several years’ experience in treating deep muscle lesions. People who have acute muscular injuries need relief from the deep pain caused by these lesions. You should make an appointment with Dr. Hamilton at his clinic on the eastside of the Denver Metro in Aurora Colorado for a session of pain relief therapy.


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