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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Facet Syndrome Cured by Chiropractic Aurora Clinic

Facet Syndrome results in pain in the joints between the spines. If untreated, arthritis between the joints can disfigure and weaken the joints, causing extreme soreness. With advances in modern technologies and traditional treatments, facet arthritis is treatable, and the pain caused by facet joint syndrome can possibly be sidelined.

Good Posture

To maintain good posture when you are physically drained can be difficult.  If you must stand in the same position for long periods of time, rest one foot on a ledge, then switch every few minutes. This helps maintain the proper curve of the lower spine and encourages blood flow. A back cushion installed on the seat of your car can help maintain low back posture while driving. Keeping your abdominal muscles flexed and firm which willpoor-posture-driving also help you to stay aligned.  If you have tightness on one side, have you considered that you drive with one hand on the steering wheel, the other on an armrest on the door or middle console area?  That chronic imbalance will result in long-term problems, if the causes are not remedied.  Maintaining this posture can reduce the symptoms of facet joint soreness.

Is Chiropractic the Answer?

Many M.D.’s (doctors of medicine) think chiropractic is not a viable option for their patients.  We would ask you this simple question, isn’t it worth a try?  What seems more extreme, a little pressing on the skin (what we do) or getting a knife out and cutting skin, bone and flesh (what they do).  Regardless of their tendencies we believe our method to be the least intrusive, and most effective, you will have to decide for yourself.  Chiropractic treatment is recommended by informed experts and athletes as a pain relief option.  We are especially effective at treating the condition known as facet joint syndrome. This treatment is an alternative, non-traditional medical procedure. We focus on reducing the pressure on the joint capsules. Arthritis disfigures or causes slippage from the joints of the spine and some believe that  they are able to live a more abundant life.  Chiropractic modifications help realign the joints and look after the pain.

Medicines and Surgery

The pain of arthritis from the facet joints is often dealt with with NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory non-steroidal). This group of drugs often includes drugs like Motrin and Celebrex. In much more serious cases, pain medications such as codeine can be prescribed; sometimes, other muscle relaxants are used to treat pain. Radiofrequency neurology triesspinal-screws to kill or "shocking" the nerve near the afflicted area. Using an “X-ray-like” machine, doctors locate the nerve, insert a needle in the joint facet and administer an electric current from the needle to kill the nerve.  Chiropractors seek to reduce the pain in a much more natural way.


Normally, a person experiencing facet joint pain, an adjustment in the a person’s daily movement can be expected. Without proper care, this can include decreasing the amount of twisting, bending and stretching that can occur in the daily routine.  We can provide a small electrical stimulation through the use of a small electric current on the lower back area; the current stimulates the muscles adjacent the spine.  This method seeks to release the tension that brings about pain. Massages help alleviate muscles tension, allowing the muscles to cut back the pressure on affected joint capsules. Heat treatment involves placing heat within the lower back to help relieve tension from the muscles.  What seems easier, adjustments at our office, or a scheduled operating room visit, we think the answer is obvious.  Come see us today!



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