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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Finger Jams

This is a term that is used colloquially to describe what is known, in medical terms, as a finger sprain. This is the spraining of the joint capsule that is found in the inter-phalangeal spaces. In more common terms, it can be said to be an injury to the knuckles of the fingers.

Every joint of the body has got ligaments and a joint capsule, which connect theJammed and dislocated fingers treated by Colorado Active Health Chiropractic PLLC in Aurora CO I bones together. The fingers are just the same and any injury to the joints will result in a sprain, which may interfere with the function of the joint, and hence the finger becomes “jammed”, due to restricted motion.

How do you end up jamming your finger?

Imagine that you are playing a game of basketball, and the ball is passed to you with considerable force, in the course of reaching the ball, you misjudge the speed and force that the ball is travelling at; before you know it, the ball has hit your outstretched finger at the tip. This hurts you for a while, and you end up being unable to move the finger comfortably.

The force of the ball against the tip of your finger is translated through the bone and into the joint. This force will affect the joint and you may get some bruising and swelling in the affected joints of the finger; this is the damage to the joint capsule that gives rise to this particular condition. The odd thing is that most finger jam accidents are due to sorts such as baseball, football, and others where the hands can come into play.

Chiropractic treatment of finger jams or sprains

The first thing is to take care of the inflammation and the swelling, and the best method to do this is the R.I.C.E method. This will reduce the pain and discomfort, as well as reduce the swelling so that the finger can begin to move again.

The chiropractor will also take an X-ray of the affected finger so that he can see whether there is any fracturing of the bones. If there are fractures then he or she should refer you to an orthopedist who will set the bones so they can heal properly. If there is no fracturing, then the chiropractor will start on exercises that will help in restoring the normalJammed and dislocated fingers treated by Colorado Active Health Chiropractic PLLC in Aurora CO motion of the finger. The finger should be rested and placed on ice for the first few days, and then bending and straightening of the finger can begin. As the swelling goes down, the normal motion of the finger will be restored.


Most times, jammed fingers are found amongst sports people, and they normally tend to ignore these injuries. At times, the sprain may not be serious, and a little treatment with ice and resting the finger will remedy the injury. It is important that you take care of your fingers, since you really need them for various functions in your life. You need to be able to grasp and manipulate objects constantly and this is why they should be taken care of.

Dr. Hamilton D.C., is a licensed chiropractor and can help you get relief from the debilitating pain of finger jams. If you are a sports person, and you cannot perform well due to such an injury, then you should come to Dr. Hamilton’s clinic on the eastside of the Denver Metro.


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