Headaches (Migraine) Alleviated by Chiropractic Adjustments


Headaches happen to everyone. Many times, they are simply annoying, but at other times, they can be downright blistering! Just about anything can cause a headache but some of the more common causes are:

Lack of sleep


Interrupted sleep (checking texts in the middle of the night)


Too much bright sunshine

Limited water intake (dehydration)Migrane Suffering woman - Dr. Hamilton Active Health Chiropractic Aurora CO can help


Loud sounds

Pinched nerves

Poor posture

Illness and allergy related pressure

The list of causes can be quite exhaustive and there are many other causes to be blamed which are not listed here. While some aches and pains are the result of other conditions, the majority of pains are preventable and many are easily fixed through muscle relaxation and professional chiropractic care.

Though the research is far from over, some estimates indicate that 1/5 women and 1/18 men suffer from chronic migraine headaches which makes this an epidemic plaguing America, and with our newly adopted sedentary lifestyles the problems are only going to increase.

Diagnosis tension headache caused by stress and lack of sleep

Experts categorize headaches into two categories: primary and secondary. Secondary headaches follow as an effect arising from other health conditions such as high blood pressure (or high intake of salt), concussions, abnormal interior cranial growth or even as a side effect of some medications. Such pain can be addressed through consultation with your personal care physician. In the other category, primary headaches more commonly result from over-strained muscles in the neck and along the spine. Generally, experts determine the correct category by simply evaluating factors, including location of the ache, how long the pain endures, the time of the pain occurrence and activity prior to the pain’s onset.


While stronger treatment may be required to eliminate certain aches, such as clusters or chronic migraines, most pains can be eliminated by simple muscle relief. The majority of white collar professionals pass the day in a sedentarily position (such as sitting at a desk in an office), and the majority of blue collar professional spend time on their feet.  Whether at a desk, a factory floor, a dinner table, in the car or on the sofa, much of the twenty first century population adopts some form of prolonged sitting or joint exposure. This sustained position wreaks havoc on our spine shoulders and neck, feet knees and hips, often leaving us stiff with compounded tension.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, headaches caused by dailyErgonomic unlikely to need chiropractic later in life muscle tension can be easily eradicated with a few tips. To maintain good posture while seated, keep the feet flat on the ground. Your arms and elbows should rest parallel to your thighs and at a slightly open angle to keep the muscles in a relaxed state. Choose a chair with a supportive back to cradle the spine and prevent cramping of the hips, shoulders and neck. No slouching! Many of us pass the hours of our days in front of books or some form of screen, but whether you are a paper and ink purist or revel in the page flipping sound byte on your technical device, you should read content, in good lighting, and at arm’s length from your face, to prevent slumping or drooping. If you find yourself hunching over your device like a vulture over its prey, then it is probably a good time to move around! This not only loosens those muscles, but revives the brain and gives those eyes a break too!

Chiropractic Care

Sometimes, however, simply stretching does not cut it. Professional assistance may be required. In cases such as these, a well-reviewed chiropractic office can be of great benefit like Colorado Active Health Chiropractic.   These doctors know the layout of the spinal and neck muscles and through precise joint manipulation, along with strengthening routines, are able to realign the spinal column and release the tension normal stretching will not reach. As always, consult your physician for the best path for you. Do not let a headache rob you of important time, energy and focus, make the changes you need, and get help from a competent professional. We hope to see you soon!



Please, see the attached Printable and Downloadable .pdf for sources used.

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