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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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-Dr. John Hamilton D.C.


Joint Pain, Undergoing Chiropractic and Getting Rid Of

Individuals experiencing routine back pain, aching spinal column, chronic headache or migraine should not be looking to consume more of pain killer medications, as prescriptions come with a host of negative side-effects. Instead, a person in pain should take a look athigh-velocity-low-velocity-spinal-manipulation chiropractic therapy. Unsurprisingly, among top demanding alternative medicine healing procedures, our office (chiropractic aurora office) it thriving, and chiropractic as a whole is gaining traction due to its most effectual holistic approach and comprehensiveness in pain management, simply put, it works. A chiropractic physician, referred to as a Chiropractor, chiefly focuses on wide-ranging musculoskeletal and nervous system problems including back pain, swelling, and pain in joints, ankles, neck pain and headaches, just to identify a few.

Support Healing

The wonderful healing process of chiropractic treatment is intended to alleviate the acuity of sacroiliac joint pain of chronic sufferers; by offering patients steady pain relief through a drug-free, non surgical hands-on restoration process. Needless to say, chiropractic therapy has been proven highly effective with regard to pain management, if patients follow the doctor’s suggestions and do their “homework” once the treatment process is over.  The pain management services offered by a professional chiropractor focus on spinal manipulation along with treatment administered to neighbouring areas to make the restoration process effective. In addition, therapists suggest simple workouts, rehabilitative exercises, a healthy dietary plan as well as alteration to lifestyle that bring significant improvement in your quality of life.  As an expert Chiropractor, Dr. Hamilton, D.C. from Aurora Colorado, employs the newest techniques, skills and mechanisms to offer comprehensive services to relieve sacroiliac joint pain.

High Velocity –vs- Low Velocity Spinal Mobilization

There are two basic approaches to chiropractic manipulation process to deal with mild to severe sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This includes the traditional adjustment methods called “high-velocity” spinal manipulation and “low-velocity” spinal mobilization. Many chiropractors prefer to employ traditional methods of service, but Dr. Hamilton employs both traditional and advanced techniques of adjunctive therapy to administer to the patients sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Depending upon the pain acuity level and response of patients, Dr. Hamilton adopts the best suitable manipulation procedure to treat joint pain.

It is found that manual therapies, typically offered by chiropractors are highly effective for the management of lower back pain or misalignment of the spine or lumber herniated disc, which have been known to cause aggravating neck pain. Following the examination and diagnose processes, skilled chiropractors determine the source of your joint soreness, back pain or migraine and accordingly administer treatment to remedy the underlying causes thereby enabling you to get a long-term relief.

Apart from back pain, the administration of effective chiropractic care is reported to help patients to get rid of ear infections, scoliosis acute abnormalities, asthma, blood pressure, headaches and many more health complexities. Chiropractic treatments also alleviate stress and anxiety both of which are known contributors to sleeplessness and fatigue.  Our treatments can help you gain a deep healthy sleep. The great benefit of chiropractic rehabilitation process is its cost effectiveness, scientific techniques and healthy processes all of which help eliminate the common physical problem of sacroiliac joint pain and offer inhibitors toward a top quality life.  Ask Dr. Hamilton if acupuncture could help your condition, as he is a trained practitioner of both chiropractic and acupuncture; a winning combination!  Call our office if you have sacroiliac joint pain, we would love to help.



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