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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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How Kidney Stones and Lower back Pain Can Be Related

Lower back pain is a common symptom of an underlying condition that sometimes proves difficult to treat.  Regardless of the self-treatment sufferers perform, such as exercise, applying heat and taking pain-relief medications, the underlying cause of the pain may go improperly diagnosed.  Some health specialists take to performing a technique called the spinal manipulation technique for relieving lower back pain. The technique improves general mobility, including being able to walk better and move around more easily. Kidney Stone Pain Alleviated by Chiropractic Adjustment Aurora Colorado

Kidney Stones

Lower back pain can be caused by a number of different reasons, including kidney stones. A kidney stone, one of the most common culprits of excruciating pain from within the urinary tract, is a piece of material that forms within the kidney when substances that are typically found in urine become highly concentrated and are not able to easily pass out of the body. The substances in the urine that can form a kidney stone when highly concentrated include calcium and phosphorus. The stone may then either stay lodged within the kidney or travel down through the urinary tract. Some stones pass out of the body easily, causing little to no pain. A large stone, however, may become stuck in the urinary tract and subsequently block the natural flow of urine. This causes severe pain and in some cases bleeding.  If you are bleeding you should seek immediate medical attention, your condition may be severe! The stones themselves vary in size and shape, including ones that have tiny spikes.

Pain and Blood

Kidney stones manifest as pain when urinating, blood in the urine, or a sharp pain felt in the abdomen and/or lower back. The pain may be acute and last for several hours, or it may be a momentary sharp pain, all stones and bodies are different resulting in an incomparable experience, or “one size fits all” description.  Even very small kidney stones can lead to excruciating back pain. This is considered to be “referred pain”, where one part of the body has suffered an injury or ailment, but the pain is felt elsewhere in the body.

There are a number of potential treatments for kidney stones that do not pass the tract on their own. Chiropractic manipulation is a viable option as it may help ease kidney stone passage. Chiropractic adjustment and treatment for kidney stones include spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation has been found to be effective.  You can also apply heat and take pain-relief medications to help lessen the pain. Common side-effects frequently include mild pain that usually disappears within 1-2 days, but can be lessened with early treatment.

Spinal Manipulation to Ease the Pain When Passing A Kidney Stone

During spinal manipulation, also known as spinal manipulative therapy, a dynamic chiropractic specialist applies controlled force to a joint of the spine. The goal is to relieve pain and improve mobility. Spinal manipulation is a versatile technique. There are over 100 of these techniques, varying among professionals. However, with most of these variations, manipulations are performed to release pressure in the affected area, including at joints. The manipulations also serve to aligns muscles and joints, and improve blood circulation to those body parts, maintaining the health and mobility of those areas. Therefore, when spinal manipulation is utilized for lower back pain, the treatment can be effective and even more permanent, than conventional methods that involve medications. Further, with spinal manipulation, a chiropractor may be able to help ease the passage of the kidney stone out of the body, by manipulating the tissues surrounding the lower back and abdomen. This not only relives the pain, but also targets the source of the pain—the presence of a kidney stone.



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