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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Microcurrent & Interferential Current Therapy

Chiropractors are looking at two new ways to relieve pain, that of micro-current therapy and Interferential therapy. Human bodies have energy flowing through them at all times. While the amount of electrical current running through the body is small, measured in millionths of an ampere, the body needs a regular flow of electricity to function properly.

Micro-current therapy aims at alleviating muscle, nerve and tissue pain through theIFC use of a particular wavelength of energy into the affected areas. The therapy seeks to restore cellular activity to normal levels and is often used in conjunction with other therapeutic exercises and spinal adjustments.

Interferential Therapy (IFT), on the other hand, refers to low-frequency electrical stimulation of nerves. Scientists have seen that by passing low-frequency currents thorough muscles it reduces discomfort over time.  IFT uses medium current to make the current pass easily through the affected tissues and skin and reducing pain. In the book "The Effect of Electric Currents on ATP Generation, Protein Synthesis and Membrane Transport in Rat Skin in Clinical Orthopedics", published in 1982, author Ngok Cheng carries out a study. The study shows how the microcurrent increased ATP production rate in rat skin by 500% along with increasing amino acid transport into the cell by 70%. ATP is the chemical that the body uses for energy. Even in the case of humans, it’s seen that ATP rate increases as long as the current is below 500 microamps.

How Does Microcurrent Therapy Work?

Whenever an injury occurs, cells and tissues affected have a higher electrical resistance than those surrounding it. The higher resistance of the injured tissues impairs the natural electrical current flow through the tissue inducing inflammation and hindering the healing process. With micro-current therapy, the high resistance offered by the affectedMicrocurrent Chiropractic tissues is reduced, making the normal flow of current possible.  Chiropractors use a number of devices for this purpose, and the Micro current machine has a 510K certificate from the FDA, which means that it’s approved for sale. The therapy also leads to a reduction of pain, aids in quicker regeneration of tissues and increased rate of wound healing. It also relieves muscle pain and if there is fracture repair in the body, it increases the rate of healing. Often, there is a visible reduction of swelling and inflammation after the treatment starts.

When is IFT Used?

IFT is used for pain relief.  IFT also aids in muscle stimulation as well as increases the blood flow and reduces oedema.  It’s also said to help in the healing and repair process of many other injuries based on the stimulating effects it causes.  Both IFT and Micro-current therapy use different frequencies to help in tissue repair and healing process continues while alleviating back pain and a number of other conditions. You can visit Dr. Hamilton, at Colorado Active Health Chiropractic, PLLC in his offices in Aurora and Colorado to know if these two types of treatments are right for you.



Please, see the attached Printable and Downloadable .pdf for sources used.

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