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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Pregnancy and Low Back Pain and How Chiropractic Can Help


So you are going to have a baby! Pregnancy can be a wonderful stage of life for a woman, filled with dreams and plans; it is also nine months of frustrating aches and pains. While a healthy lifestyle will help to ease complications during the trimesters, the rapid weight gain and the growing abdomen naturally add strain. As the baby continues to grow in size, the mother’s body compensates by shifting her balance forward, curving the spine and adding further pressure to the lower back muscles.

Reducing Discomfort during Pregnancy

There are several things that expecting mothers can do to alleviate pain and strain during the pregnancy, which will neither harm mother nor the baby during the developmental process. Compliment low impact exercise (such as walking or swimming) with an array of nutritious foods and supplements (be sure to speak with your primary care physician as to Lower back irritation pregnancywhat is best for you). Rest often and if you must move around, wear comfortable, low footwear. High heels, while fashionable, aggravate back strain and may throw you off balance.

Effects of Pregnancy on the

During pregnancy, the spine and the pelvis undergo dramatic strain and stress. If misaligned, these muscles and joints can interfere with the baby’s growth as well as possibly prevent the baby from assuming the necessary position for delivery. Pressure on the spinal cord also poses a danger to the mother’s nervous system if not relieved.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Many women, prior to pregnancy, seek regular chiropractic care for realignment of the spine and general joint adjustment, but is chiropractic care safe while pregnant? The answer is yes! All chiropractors are trained to attend to the adjustment needs of expecting patients and many pursue additional specialized training and certification so as to offer a wider variety of knowledge and care to their clients. One process growing in popularity among prenatal chiropractic is the activator method. With this technique, the chiropractic doctor utilizes a small handheld instrument to manipulate the joints without the popping and drastic shifting of regular adjustments. The patient will be face down on a table and generally a cushion is available for pregnant patients (this method is also used for younger clients and those with fragile bone conditions). Outside of the regular appointments, doctors will also advise strengthening routines for “homework” so as to keep the body well-tuned in between sessions. Such care provides the mother-to-be with a gentle and natural option if wishing to avoid prenatal pain medications. Pregnancy Low Back Pain treated by a chiropractor


Regular prenatal chiropractic care is recommended by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Research by the ICPA indicates that regular adjustments re-balance the woman and relieve stress to organs and muscles vital to the baby’s well-being. Additionally, releasing pain in the neck, spine and joints control nausea, decreases the chance of delivering by Caesarean surgery, and promotes a more speedy delivery with the possibility of less time in labor! Who does not want less time experiencing labor pains? Even after birth, seeing the chiropractor not only lets you show off your new bundle of joy, but regular adjustments will also ensure your ligaments’ safely return to their pre-pregnant tautness.



Please, see the attached Printable and Downloadable .pdf for sources used.

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