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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Pronation and Supination

Feet are supposed to move in a particular manner in order to give an individual the proper gait. However, foot dysfunctions do occur, and the most prominent are overpronation and oversupination. Pronation occurs when the foot turns in, allowing somebody to make the right take-off on the big toe. Whereas supination defines the way the foot rolls when it lands. These two must occur normally for someone to have the proper gait.

Someone who has over-pronation will usually wear out the shoes on the outer side, rather than from the back towards the front, as a normal gait should. A person who has oversupination will wear out the shoe towards the inside, and due to the stiffness of the gait, their toes will tend to point inwards. These are conditions which many people do notPronation and Supination Aurora Colorado Chiropractor pay attention to, but it would be best to have it fixed early, as some of these conditions affect you when you are in your old age.

How Chiropractic can rectify Supination and Pronation of the foot

The chiropractor will start off by asking the patient to wear special shoes, so that the treatment is continued even as the patient is walking. The shoes will have enough space at the front, and also have a flexible sole. The shoes should also not be tightly laced.

After the right shoes are bought, the chiropractor will start stretching and re-training the whole leg, or what is called the kinetic chain, so the foot can regain the proper posture. In the case of supination, there has to be particular attention to the arches. Stretching of the calf muscles, the peroneal group and the tibialis anterior is also necessary.

Apart from this, the chiropractor can also make orthotics, which can be worn by the patient. This is a custom casting method, where the foot is locked in the right position, by using a cast. Most people prefer that the casts be made when the patient is lying down, which means that he or she is not bearing any weight, allowing the foot to be locked freely, into the correct position. The method will differ from one practitioner to another, and from the nature of the dysfunction in each individual patient.

Exercising the foot at home

Many a chiropractor will argue about the benefits of running, or walking barefoot, when it comes to correcting supination and pronation dysfunction of the foot. Although it has not been properly researched, there have been results of a positive effect on people with over-pronation and over-supination. There are other exercises that can be done toPronation and Supination strengthen weak muscles which may affect the position of the foot. Tight muscles must also be stretched regularly. All activity must be done as prescribed by the chiropractor. With proper supportive treatment, the dysfunction can be treated without leading to any musculoskeletal pains. You need to have a treatment regime that will cause as little discomfort as possible. These corrections will improve the way that you run and walk, and your overall gait.

Dr. Hamilton D.C., is a fantastic chiropractor, and can help you regain your proper gait. You may have grown up walking “funny,” and people have made fun of you.  Maybe you were “pigeon toed” or just felt clumsy.  Those days are over, Dr. Hamilton wants to help!  Now that you know that there is a way that you can correct this, visit Dr. Hamilton at his clinic near the Denver Metro in Aurora just off the I-225 for a consultative meeting.


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Published 02/28/2015

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