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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Benefits of Chiropractic on the Range of Motion in Joints


The body is an intricate machine. It is managed by a delicate network of nerve endings, muscles, ligaments and tendons over a frame of hollow collagen and minerals. It is a delicate yet powerful mechanism, able to lift and run and to survive, yet just like a man made machine, if a piece fails to do its part, then the overall collection weakens. When properly fueled and worked, the body can accomplish great feats both athletic and mental, but if not suitably cared for, its productivity will continue to decline until it stops entirely. In our present culture, we are so often distracted by the overabundance of activities clamoring for our attention, that we forget (or do not want) to maintain our machines. Survival instinct kicks in. Comfort food keeps us calm; sleeping conserves energy. While this is practical in cases of extreme exertion, the majority of our activities do not warrant this kind of physical response and survival turns detrimental. Many times abiding to a regular exercise routine and eating healthily, among other things, keep the body in tune and working, but there are some goals you simply cannot reach without a little bit of help.


While a good diet and exercise routine is great to develop a strong and stable Hip Flexors Full Sprintmachine, it is not uncommon to forget the finer pieces, such as the joints. If any of these is not functioning appropriately, then the proper curvature of the spine can be thrown out of alignment resulting in a bunch of other issues. Knees and hips are often the easiest to injure. Our legs are constructed of four main bones: the tibia and fibula connect to create the lower portion (calf) and are connected to the femur (thigh) by the patella (knee). The top of the femur bone is rounded so as to fit into the hip bone. This ball and socket format allows for a full range of motion, letting us to walk, run, and jump. Similarly, further up the body, the shoulders follow a ball and socket design connecting the arms to the collar bone and neck area. Weaving along the bones, are the muscles. Sometimes, with time or injury, these muscles can shorten or tighten, preventing a full range of motion. If not adjusted, the risk for injuries along these areas as well as along the spinal column (neck and lumbar) significantly increases.

Chiropractic Care

There are many exercises utilized by chiropractic technicians to resolve these issues. Consult Dr. Hamilton to ensure the proper conduct of the movements. Generally, these positions will be done on the back and involve different pelvic lifts, knee and hamstring stretches as well as abdominal (stomach, back and glute) strengthening. Other exercises may include thigh stretches and stretching of the hands above the head to work the shoulder joints. Dr. Hamilton at Colorado Active Health Chiropractic PLLC can assist with these exercises during the sessions, but it is more likely that he will assign them as “homework” to be done in between appointments.

Careful upkeep of these pieces is key to fluid and mobile joints and a strong, well-formed spine. Joint pain keeps the body from functioning to its fullest potential, yet through stretching and regular chiropractic sessions, it is preventable. Consult our office if you suffer from joint pain, and get back your effective machine.



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