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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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What Is Runner’s Knee?

Runner’s Knee, also called Palettofemoral Pain Syndrome, is a condition that is common to most runners, which presents itself with a lot of pain around the kneecap. However, it is not isolated to runners alone, but also affects athletes who do a lot of kneeRunners-Knee-Active-Health-Chiropractic-PLLC-Aurora-CO movements, such as walkers, bikers, jumpers, basketball players, volleyball players, football players, etc. Apart from athletes, the condition can affect people who have weak thigh muscles, leading to the improper distribution of weight around the kneecap; problems with the feet, as can be found in people with flat feet; direct trauma to the kneecap through falling; and also overuse, which can make the tendons overstretch. This is common to weightlifters and tennis players, etc. Any pain in the knees that goes on for more than 72 hours should not be ignored. When you visit the Chiropractor, he will examine the knee, and may ask for X-ray imaging so he can make a proper diagnosis, and also come up with the requisite treatment.

How can a Chiropractor help treat runner’s knee?

In minor cases, the chiropractor will advise the patient to use the R.I.C.E method; this means Rest, Ice, Compressions and Elevation. However, many people ignore the first signs of the condition, and only come to the chiropractor when the condition is serious, and other treatment methods are required.  If the kneecap is out of alignment, chiropractic manipulation will help it get back to itsRunners-Knee-Active-Health-Chiropractic-PLLC-Aurora-CO-1 normal position. The specialist will put the patient through a series of exercises, which will help in stretching, and strengthening the weak areas to allow the kneecap to get aligned again. Treatments such as the Active Release Technique, the Myofascial Release, and the Graston technique are great ways of dealing with this condition. These techniques help address the underlying conditions that may have led to this ailment; these include damaged or tight muscles, and also any scar tissue. The patient may also have to change their activities, and wear a brace to support the knee. For example, if the patient got the ailment from too much running, he or she may have to take up swimming, in order to keep fit, and not lose any athletic form, temporarily, or on a permanent basis, depending upon the damage, therefore it is very important to see a specialist right away, when pain ensues.

How to avoid runner’s knee from recurring

The condition comes about because of overuse, and misalignment of the knee joint. The kneecap is attached to the femur by the quadriceps, or large thigh muscles, and to the shin bone by the patellar tendon. It moves on grooves on the femur called the femoral condyle. With too much movement, the constant rubbing on these grooves will cause inflammation, and hence the pain. Poor muscle strength will also cause the kneecap to fit improperly in these grooves, due to poor weight distribution, and this will case the same inflammation. Strengthening of the thigh muscles and aligning the kneecap will help alleviate this problem. You should also wear shoes that will help you walk as naturally as possible.  Getting Chiropractic follow-up sessions, and following the recommendations of the specialist diligently, will help in keeping the condition from recurring.

Dr. Hamilton D.C. is an experienced chiropractor, running a clinic in Aurora, Colorado. You do not have to suffer in silence, especially when Runners Knee (Palettofemoral Pain Syndrome) is affecting your daily professional activities, or regular sports. Make an appointment with and see how you can get the pain out of your forearm and live normally once again. To get to the clinic, visit our mobile website at or our desktop site at See you soon!



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