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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Shin Splints

Runners and individuals who stand on their feet for extended periods usually end up developing shin splints. These includes athletes, hair stylists, store clerks etc. The main characteristic of this condition is pain over the tibia or shin bone and the pain increasesShin Splint chiropractic treatment when one stands up, runs or walks.

This pain is brought about by the constant contraction of the muscle at the front of the leg, known as the tibialis anterior, and this is related to the unfitting biomechanics of the knee and foot. When such a situation occurs, the shin bone gets twisted and forces the muscle to work much harder than it normally would. This kind of twisting is also known as tibial torsion and it can cause significant damage to the cartilage that forms the pad of the knee, also called the meniscus.

Proper Diagnosis of Shin Splints

Looking at the problem from a biomechanics viewpoint, the body has three types of levers, namely, the first second and third class levers. When a person is walking, the foot acts as the pivot, and this can be classified as a second class lever action. The force is generated by the calf, and the foot acts as the lever, and the weight, or resistance is passed down the middle part of the body. This can be likened to the action of a wheel barrow, where the handles generate the force, the wheel acts as the pivot and the force is the body or bucket of the wheel barrow.

If the body is improperly aligned, mainly due to the misalignment of the spinal vertebra or muscles tugging the body from its natural equilibrium point, them the stress flows right down to the foundation of the body, and this is found in the lower legs.

The Chiropractic Treatment of Shin Splints

The only way to remedy the condition is to correct the alignment of the body. ThisShin Splint chiropractic treatment Aurora CO means correcting the biomechanics of the knee and foot, so that they function as they were naturally supposed to, thereby relieving the pain and allowing the muscle to heal. In order to do this, Active Release therapy for the muscles is used on the muscle so that it stops muscle spasms and the scar tissue can heal. When this method is used, there is an immediate and dramatic response, providing quick relief from the pain. This is a treatment that targets the soft tissue and was designed to deal with conditions caused by constant and cumulative stress, such as that found in shin splints.

In this treatment, the chiropractor elevates the injured tissue using his or her hands. After this, pressure and tension is applied in conjunction with certain movements by the patient. This is an interactive treatment process that involves proper coordination between the patient and the doctor; each session can therefore be said to be a mixture of treatment and examination of the affected tissue. There is lowered pain, increased flexibly and strength, within seconds after treatment is started.

This is a treatment that can also be used to treat conditions such as runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis.

Dr. Hamilton D.C., is a licensed chiropractor can treat your shin splints so you can go about your work, hobby or sport, with ease and comfort. If you are suffering from pain in the frontal part of your lower leg, you should seek treatment at his clinic on the eastside of the Denver Metro.


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