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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Stretch Exercises

Hold each stretch for 20 seconds, and repeat.

Each exercise should be done at least 3 times.

Do this routine daily.


Lean against a wall with both your back leg and your front leg slightly bent.  Keep your back heel on the floor and lean progressively closer to the wall until you can feel the stretch in your calf.  Repeat with other leg. Next, lean against a wall with your back leg straight and your front leg slightly bent.  Keep your back heel on the floor and lean progressively closer to the wall until you can feel the stretch in your calf.  Repeat with other leg.


Standing upright, reach back and grab your upper foot and pull it up toward your buttocks and alternate 3 timers per leg.


Sitting, bring the sole of your bent leg to the inner thigh of your straight leg.  Lean forward and grasp the ankle of your straight leg with both hands.  Keeping the leg straight, pull your upper body down towards your feet.

Hip Flexors

Move your hip forward, keeping the upper body straight up and the back leg stretched out.  Feel the tightening in the hip and hold the position.  The stretch can be accentuated by putting the back knee on the ground.  Keep the front knee directly above the foot. 

Don't keep the front knee at such an angle that it is in front of the ankle, since this hinders the real stretch in the hip.

Gluteals and Hip

Sitting, bend one leg and cross it over the other leg which is either straight or lying on its side bent at 90 degrees.  Push the opposite elbow against your bent knee and force buttocks to table.

Gluteus Maximus (buttocks)

Lying on your back with both knees bent, cross the left leg over the right.  Using both hands pull your right knee toward your chest.  You should feel a stretch in the buttocks on your left side.  Repeat on opposite side.


Sitting, bend both legs and put the soles of your feet together.  Grab your feet with both hands.  With your elbows, push out against the insides of your knees.

Lower Back

Bring both knees to the chest by first raising one and then holding the knee with both hands.  Then raise the other knee.  Grasping both knees, pull them down to the chest.  Relax.

Spinal Extension

Lie on stomach with palms by shoulders up while keeping pelvis on the surface; back and stomach sagging.  Slowly lower shoulders.  Repeat 10 times.


Place involved hand behind your back and grasp hand with other hand.  Pull diagonally down and across back.  Tilt head toward the uninvolved shoulder.  You should feel the stretch across the top and front of your shoulder.

Rotator Cuffs

Place a towel in both hands.  Position your involved arm behind your back at waist height and your uninvolved arm up and overhead.  Slowly pull the towel upward.  You should feel the stretch in the front and back of your shoulder.

Triceps and Teres Major

Raise one arm up and behind your head.  With the opposite arm grasp your elbow and pull the arm further behind your head.

Infraspinatus and Teres Minor

Rach arm across chest toward opposite shoulder as far as possible.  Grasp with the off hand, pull in.

Pectoral Stretch

Stand with your forearms against in a doorway, lean forward.

Shoulder and Neck

Roll your shoulders backward. Repeat 10 times.


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