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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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TDP Lamp to Add Chi and Deep Heating Treatments

Chiropractors today are looking at a traditional Chinese medicine theory to alleviate back and muscle pain of patients. The use of TDP Mineral lamp invented in 1978 (also known as the FIM Healing Lamp), based on technology of the ancients, helps warm the injured area of the body through the emission of far-infrared waves. The Lamp by itself consists of 33 earth element minerals and has a round plate coated design.

Chi – The Life Forcechi

CHI or Qi, is the life force that flows through all living things, popularized by famous movies like Star Wars known as “the force.” As we age, it diminishes, and only a few ways exist to add Chi back to your body. Some of the ways are what we do in regular life, like eating and breathing. However, two other ways exist as well that can supercharge the addition of Qi (chi) to the body – the use of moxibustion and TDP mineral lamps.

Benefits of CHI and TDP Lamps

Every human body needs electromagnetic frequencies; however, the atmosphere blocks a considerable amount of it. TDP lamps emanate these frequencies, and this infrared rays penetrates into the body as much as 2 to 3.5 inches.  The TDP Lamp even haschi light a mineral plate – the human body depends on vitamins and minerals to maintain itself – that can aid in taking care of the immune system.  The special mineral plate in a TDP lamp has all the essential minerals. In fact, studies by organizations in China and Korea have stated that TDP lamps promote micro-circulation, that enable better blood flow throughout the body and ensure that blood reaches all tissues.

What can be Treated using TDP Lamps?

Studies suggest that more than 100 conditions can be treated using TDP lamps, which is why some chiropractors have adopted them into their practices.  Some of the conditions you can cure with the use of TDP lamps are:

- Arthritis

- Join pain

- Swelling

- Lower back pain

- Paralysis

- Infection

- Scars

With the use of TDP lamps, chiropractors can help ease the back pain of patients more easily. Often, chiropractors use soft music to create a soothing environment for the patient. Each session consists of around 15-30 minutes and is performed either once or twice a day. You can visit the Chiropractic offices of Dr. Hamilton to know more about how TDM lamps are one of the best Chinese acupuncture methods out there.



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