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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Golfers & Tennis Elbow – Acupuncture

Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow are two conditions that present similar symptoms, but have subtle differences due to the area of inflammation. Tennis Elbow, also known as Lateral Epichondylitis, is caused by the inflammation of the muscles and tendons which attach to the Lateral Epicondyle bone of the elbow. Golfer’s elbows, also known as Medial Epichondylitis, is caused by the inflammation of the muscles of the Medial Epicondyle bone. The two conditions are also referred to as tendinitis, with the distinction of being medial and lateral, once again. The causes of the conditions are similar, which is the repetitive and prolonged stress on these muscles, due to sports or professional reasons. Painters, carpenters, and other people who put a lot of strain on these areas, will suffer from the condition; this is not a condition restricted to tennis and golf players. These conditions can be treated through chiropractic means, but acupuncture can also be used.

What is Acupuncture and Why is it Important to this Treatment?

The main treatment for these two conditions is chiropractic manipulation, sometimes combined with drugs, to help bring down the pain. Acupuncture, has now become an accepted form of alternative treatment; this treatment has been proven to reduce the hyper-tonicity of exterior muscles hence reducing pain.


According to the Chinese, the body cells produce energy, which must be allowed to flow freely. If there is any blockage then it becomes like a blocked dam; the blockage of the dam, interrupts the flow of energy, and this causes a myriad of physiological problems, and the most common is pain.

Treatment of Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow through Acupuncture

In the case of the two conditions, sterile needles are inserted by the acupuncturist at standard points in the affected area, in order to reduce the pain. The needles stimulate the flow of energy and this helps with the reduction of pain. Dr. Hamilton D.C. of Colorado Active Health Chiropractic is familiar with the points that must be stimulated, and with knowledge of both acupuncture and chiropractic medicine, he is able to use both treatments adjunct to one another; the results are invariably much better, and the healing time shortened, when both treatments are used in concert.

After the treatment, you will be given preventative measures to ensure that there are no more occurrences. Tennis and golfer’s elbow can be very painful, and can affect how you go about your daily activities, so you need to have your elbow checked, when you do get pains. When you get the pains, you should ensure that you let it rest for a few days, so it can get better, but if the symptoms subsist, you should make an appointment to get it cared for properly. You should also wear an arm brace, which will take the strain away from your forearm, hence letting the inflammation to die down. You should consider physiotherapy, and chiropractic manipulation to give more strength to your forearm muscles which helps in avoiding a recurrence of the condition. If you must engage in sport or activity that led to the development of the condition in the first place, then you should warm up your elbow first, using the methods prescribed to you by the chiropractor, Dr. John Hamilton.

Dr. Hamilton D.C. is an experienced chiropractor and acupuncturist, running a clinic in Aurora, Colorado. You do not have to suffer in silence, especially when Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow are affecting your daily professional activities, or regular sports participation. Make an appointment and see how you can get the pain out of your forearm and thrive once again. To get to the clinic, go to our website from your computer at www.coloradoactivehealth, or from your mobile device



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