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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

Colorado Active Health Chiropractic PLLC
2323 S. Troy Street Suite 6-200, Aurora,Colorado,80014
Phone: 303-766-2357
Dr. Hamilton Chiropractor in Aurora and Castle Rock

“We will listen to you, spend time with you, and help you recover.”

-Dr. John Hamilton D.C.


Thermal Infrared Jade Massage

Thermal infrared jade massage beds consists of heating jade rollers that move slowly along the spine, tailbone and legs, exerting pressure on acupuncture meridians. It is one of the best lifestyle chiropractic devices ever invented. During this massage, you stay dressed, and it plunges you into a deep relaxing and revitalizing episode. Accompanied by relaxing music, it relieves tension and calms your mind. It also helps people suffering from insomnia and circulatory problems.  The massage bed is forbidden for pregnant women over five months, so please do not use the bed if you are you’re your 4th month of pregnancy.

One simply has to lie-down on the Migun table and let the jade massage heads roll beneath the entire body. Experience and common sense show that body alignment and biomechanical corrections are accessible only when the inflammation phase, associated with better mobility and release of nerves responsible for the pain is over. Mingun infared Jade Heat Massage Table

Energy Block Release

In fact, the energy blocks in the body can obstruct healing, but our beds help to fix your life column, pelvis, spine, neck, and your head. Proactive Chiropractic techniques may be slightly painful to some people, but it also releases tensions pinches and the trapped energy that spreads throughout the body.  At our clinic we strive to give you immediate and lasting information to help you live well and treating every vital point of your body. They provide a particularly deep and effective vitality chiropractic massage seeks to provide along the spine, tailbone, and legs.  The table is perfectly tailored and designed with the ergonomics of the body in mind. They fit many shapes and many sizes.

Jade Heat

Did you know? The beds emit infrared heat that works deep to help the mobility of your spine. The massage is performed with Jade stones, used in Asian medicine to stimulate the vital force of the body. Heated to a specific temperature, these stones harmonize the flow of energy in your body by touching twenty essential vital points along the spine.

The Migun Massage Bed

The bed consists of two rolls of modules: one moving on the upper body and the other on the lower limbs. The four jade stone rollers located on the lower body exercise deep lymphatic drainage which stimulates blood circulation and reduces the feeling of heavy legs. Poor circulation is the cause of more than 80% of leg pain.

While on the massage rolling bed, you can also use two external stomach heaters which consist of jade balls which infuse your body with infrared heat. Our patients lay on the bed before each adjustment to maximize each chiropractic adjustment by placing the body in a ready state, ready and relaxed.

Our chiropractic methods combine modern chiropractic equipment and technology and the healing science of chiropractic medicine.  Our beds have a digital remote control that allows you to control and change the temperature and rigor of the treatment.  Come see us today, you will leave with peace and wellness.  Godbless!



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