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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Ultra Sound Therapy Used by Chiropractors

Chiropractors use a number of techniques to relieve back pain and ultrasound is just one of them. Ultrasound therapy is used on the affected areas and helps the injured tissues in absorption of waste products. The treatment is usually applied for a couple of weeks and is often followed on by the use of hot and cold packs at home. The therapy is a painless procedure and patients often describe it as a relaxing one.

What does Ultrasound Therapy Help?

Ultrasound therapy just brings to the forefront the different chiropractor benefitsUltra Sound Machine when it comes to alleviating back pain and muscle pain. It can reduce and alleviate a number of other problems as well, including:

- Stiffness of muscles

- Swelling in the back

- Increase blood circulation in the affected areas

- Aid in pain-free movement

How is the Ultra Sound Therapy Done?

The therapy can be used by itself or may be done with a number of activities that include stretching, applying of heat and cold packs, therapeutic massage or even gentle chiropractic manipulation. Patients are not required to wear hospital gowns when being treated, and only the part of the skin that is to be treated is exposed, and a conduction gel is applied. The ultrasound conduction device is as small as that of a computer mouse and is placed on the affected part of the skin to start the ultrasound treatment. At the end of the treatment, the conduction gel is wiped off, and the chiropractor may advise different exercises to the patient including stretching joints, and other different motion exercises.

Benefits of Chiropractic in Pregnancy

Pregnant women are dealt with care if they come in for an ultrasound therapy. We take care to ensure that there is no unneeded pressure on the abdomen, and we may suggest exercises that are safe for pregnant women.  Some of the potential effects are:

- Being able to control symptoms of nausea effectivelyUltrasound Therapy Administered

- Having a healthy pregnancy

- Reduce labor and delivery time

- Limit potential for caesarean deliveries

Women may require ultrasound therapy during pregnancies for a number of reasons including the fact that the woman’s body may experience a number of physiological and endocrinological changes during the pregnancy. These changes can lead to increased back curve or pelvic changes that result in misaligned spine and joints.  Dr. Hamilton treats a number of patients with ultrasound therapy helping them alleviate back pain and lead normal lives.



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