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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Chiropractic May Be Your Best Whiplash Treatment Option

Whiplash is an often misunderstood injury that may lead to further health complications if left untreated.  This common injury usually occurs after a rear impact whileAuto Accident Whiplash - Active Health Chiropractic PLLC Aurora CO in a stationary position.  It is vital to exercise (lightly) the injured area after an accident occurs – immobilizing the injury may lead to reduced range of motion.  If the injury is serious enough it may cause prolonged psychological symptoms.

 It is unwise to leave whiplash left untreated, but many traditional medical options may be expensive depending on the severity of the injury.  Chiropractic care for whiplash injuries is a safe, drug free, and often less expensive alternative for treating chronic injuries associate with whiplash.

 Most, if not all, of the symptoms can be easily treated by chiropractic care.  Some of the symptoms related to minor whiplash include:

Neck pain and stiffness of the neck


Shoulder pain

Occasional dizziness

Stiffness in the shouldersGet the Best Chiropractor in Aurora Colorado if you have been injured - Dr. Hamilton of Active Health Chiropractic PLLC Aurora CO

Jaw pain

Arm pain

Arm weakness

Ocular (visual) disturbances

Ringing in the ears

Back pain


Symptoms related to severe whiplash may include:





Increased drug dependency


Post-traumatic stress disorder

Insomnia (restlessness and sleeplessness)

If left untreated, what may seem like minor whiplash may in fact be seveDoctor Consult for Treatment Optionsre and could produce these drastic symptoms. By getting medical attention from a certified chiropractor, these severe symptoms can be alleviated and perhaps even avoided altogether.  Simple chiropractic adjustments can easily relieve chronic aches and pains.  This alternative, drug-free method, of healthcare is increasing in popularity.  Many people may not be able to take prescription medications due to health reasons, making chiropractic adjustments an excellent alternative.

Chiropractic treatments have been proven to relieve pain faster and longer than general practitioners and medications.  By using natural alignments in the body, a chiropractor can supplement any physical therapy with natural pain relief.

Dr. Hamilton of Active Health Chiropractic PLLC can help with any whip lash injuries.  Whether you have minor lingering pain or want to proactively prevent severe whiplash symptoms, our chiropractic treatments can relieve your pain and discomfort.

If you’re looking for a drug-free, safe alternative to treating your painful whiplash symptoms, speak with Dr. Hamilton today about your chiropractic treatment options.  His knowledge and expertise in chiropractic treatments and adjustments can help with your long term pain, and can help prevent more severe symptoms from developing.



Please, see the attached Printable and Downloadable .pdf for sources used.

Whiplash Auto Accident Care 2.pdf