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Page Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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How Stretching and Yoga Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

Stretching and certain forms of Yoga can help if you are suffering with back pain. TheYoga - Ideal for anyone recouping from back injury stretching exercises and balance postures that you hold during yoga stretch certain muscles, while at the same time flexing others. This can relax the muscles and joints in the body which can help ease back pain.

Yoga and stretching increases the blood flow through the joints and muscles which allows nutrients to flow in, and toxins to exit.  It is also a set of exercises which benefit the muscles and soft tissues within the body.

The main causes of back pain are:

Poor posture – with technological advancements people are often found hunched over their laptops, iPods or game stations. This can cause an unnatural curvature of the spine, added pressure to the spine, both of which can then result in back pain.

A trip or fall – following an accident, you may find that you begin to suffer with back pain as your spine has been jolted or knocked in the impact.

Slipped disc – this is where a disc within the spine bulges out and adds pressure upon the sciatic nerve.

Tension – if you feel stressed, it can cause the muscles within the back to tighten. You need to relieve this tension so that the back pain can be eased.

Inflammation – this can be caused by any of the above listed events but most often follows an injury of some kind. If the injury causes swelling, it can put added pressure upon the muscles and ligaments of the back.

The spinal column has numerous muscles, ligaments and tendons. They all need to be kept healthy and in good working order to allow for ease of movement. Should they become damaged in any way, this can limit their movements, thus resulting in back pain.

If you are suffering with back pain, it is important that you seek some medical advice. Embarking on stretching exercises and yoga before doing this could cause more damage to the muscles than you intended. There may also be an underlying medical condition which will need to be investigated if you are suffering from back pain.

When you first attend a yoga class, you should inform the instructor if you are suffering from back pain, and ask them to show you modified moves to alleviate potential problems, or avoid the class altogether.  The instructor can advise you if some of the stretching exercises may put added pressure on the area. However, some of the stretches and yoga postures that you will be asked to do may help to alleviate the symptoms, so the benefits and risks are something calculate prior to engaging in the exercise.  

People who undertake yoga and stretching when they suffer from ongoing back pain may find that it can take weeks, even months, before they begin to feel the benefits. Even so, it is vital that they persevere with the exercises as it will help to ease the pain over time.  Rome was not built in a day, and neither was your body.  In some cases your body has been severely neglected, so it will take some time to rebuild it.  Our bodies are a wonderful creation, and with some sweat and hard-work, wellness is within your grasp.Yoga Warrior 1 Spine Health - Active Health Chiropractic

During yoga and stretching exercises it shouldn’t be painful for you to hold the positions. If it is, then you should stop immediately so as not to cause any further damage. The whole process is to help you stretch and relax the muscles, helping to reduce tension and any pain that you may be suffering from.

Gentle yoga and stretching are highly recommended to people who have acute back pain. Start slow, and ease into it, you will get it.  Come see us soon.


Please, see the attached Printable and Downloadable .pdf for sources used.

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